As a child and young adult, I sketched: horses, mainly, and then aircraft as my interests morphed. Photography always fascinated me, but in the pre-digital days indulging that fascination was expensive, so I stuck to pencil and paper. It wasn't until the early 2000s that my fledgling shutterbug took flight.

By 2011 I had joined the Pukekohe-Franklin Camera Club (just south of Auckland, New Zealand), and this imaginative, talented and welcoming bunch of image-makers introduced me to the infinite creative scope of the photographic medium. Photography is a lifelong learning experience and I revel in the opportunity to experiment and adapt my creative style; but gradually I have come to gain the most satisfaction from creating monochrome or muted-colour-palette images. These images concentrate the viewer's attention on shapes, lines and shadows -- much as a sketch does. This type of image lends itself to display in a variety of situations, as the absence of "look at me" colours means they complement, rather than fight for dominance with, any interior colour scheme.

I get a lot of enjoyment from my photography, and maintain a brief blog, PhotoPhaff.

My images have gained recognition in a number of national and international competitions:

  • Black and White Spider Awards, Amateur Wildlife section, one Honorable Mention, two Nominees
  • Image included in the PSNZ's annual publication, NZ Camera
  • PSNZ Nelson National Triptych Salon, two Acceptances
  • PSNZ Creative Focus Competition, Silver Medal, one Highly Commended, seven Acceptances
  • PSNZ North Shore Salon of Photography, one Highly Commended, three Acceptances
  • Sony World Photography Awards, Commended, Nature and Wildlife
  • PSNZ New Zealand Camera book, image published
  • Awarded LPSNZ (Licentiateship of the Photographic Society of New Zealand)
  • PSNZ National Exhibition (NATEX), one Acceptance
2014 2013 2012
  • PSNZ North Shore Salon of Photography, three Acceptances
  • PSNZ Canon Online competition, round 6, finalist (9th place)

COMMENDED 2015 copy